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What People Are Saying

  • About Pervasive Database

    "The massive performance increase from Pervasive PSQL™ v10 to Pervasive PSQL v11 exhibits a version-to-version increase in transactions per second that I cannot remember ever seeing in the history of database benchmarking."

    Robin Bloor, Chief Research Analyst and President
    The Bloor Group and Founder, Bloor Research

  • About Pervasive Database

    "We have deployed and installed Pervasive PSQL™ v11 at a variety of customers since 2010. We have customers ranging from 20 concurrent users up to 100+. We were particularly interested in the speed metric going to a full 64-bit platform with multi-core support to see what a big customer would experience. One of our larger customers reported speed gains of 300%+ overall. Needless to say, we are impressed with the engineering effort in Pervasive PSQL 11."

    Andy Norman, Senior Software Engineer
    Global Shop Solutions, Inc.

  • About Pervasive Data Integration

    "Pervasive allowed us to consolidate multiple vendors, multiple solutions and multiple technologies all down to one solution, one vendor and a consistent repeatable, reliable solution for our clients. The cost was unbelievable compared to some of the other ones. And I didn't need an army of developers to implement it."

    Sam Ashton, VP of Payroll and Tax Technology

  • About Pervasive Data Integration

    "We only get paid when we're providing analytics. Getting customers' data in the system faster allows APH to provide the analytics faster, which leads to faster return of revenues. Replacing the outsourced ETL process with the solution from Pervasive cut APH's new-customer load time in half."

    Chris Andrews, Managing Director of Information
    Advanced Plan for Health (APH)

  • About Pervasive Data Integration

    "We feel that our independence gives us a leg up in the market and this is underscored by our ability to integrate with everything. That's what makes this relationship so important to us: integration is a key part of our business, and a key part of why we close deals today and it's continuing to grow. The support that we receive from Pervasive going hand-in-hand in these opportunities has been amazing. We're in the second year of this strategic relationship that we have with Pervasive, and it's going to continue. It's just key to our business, and we've been very, very happy with the success."

    Louise K. Allen, VP of Product Management
    Planview, Inc.

  • About Pervasive Data Integration

    "Unlike competitors, Pervasive provides unlimited connectivity with no incremental per-connector fees for full integration – as it should be. We know our data and what we want to do with it, but we had limited tools in the past. Now we're turning those ideas into reality. Pervasive has been great. Things we just imagined before, we can do now with Pervasive. Pervasive Data Integrator™ stands out from alternative solutions with rich functionality and scalability for varying integration requirements within Money-Media. It can be re-deployed on other projects, lowering the overall total cost of ownership."

    Egon Smullyan, Director of Client Services
    Money-Media – A Financial Times Company

  • About Pervasive Data Integration

    "We think of Pervasive as the backbone of our data integration strategy. It really gives us the ability to link and look at everything we need to do from our data warehouse, to enterprise content, to our use of Eloqua from our CRM marketing automation integration. Whatever we need to do in terms of integration, we will look to Pervasive Software."

    Bill Archer, Vice President, Global Marketing and Chief Marketing Strategist
    Frost & Sullivan

  • About Pervasive DataCloud and Pervasive Data Solutions

    "Pervasive DataCloud® provides the Astadia Data Management Practice a scalable platform to design and build complex integrations and data services for our clients without the need to purchase, deploy, or maintain any physical hardware or software. Astadia's construction vertical clients, for instance, have realized significant savings without sacrificing quality or completeness of solution as a result of this technology."

    Aaron Mieswinkel, Managing Principal

  • About Pervasive DataCloud and Pervasive Data Solutions

    "Pervasive DataSynch™ allows us to continue working from Salesforce to QuickBooks Online by synchronizing all of our Closed Opportunities, Accounts and Products. If I were to recommend to a friend, what I would tell them is actually what it helps me not do; data entry. In small business, where all of our time is critical and valuable, Pervasive DataSynch allows us to use our time in areas of importance while it does all of the data entry."

    Mena Badros, Assistant Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

  • About Pervasive Business Xchange

    "We are very excited with how Pervasive Business Xchange™ has streamlined our internal business processes. The very skilled oil and gas services team has smoothed out our onboarding process significantly; so much that we have been able to onboard several more trading partners, which allows us to receive payments faster and better optimize our cash flow."

    Doug Hudson, Senior Project Leader
    Lufkin Industries, Inc.

  • About Pervasive Big Data

    "Pervasive DataRush™ helps organizations unlock the powerful parallelism of Intel Xeon processors to take on big-data challenges. Together, Intel and Pervasive are teaming up to help deliver highly innovative, scalable solutions to meet customers' growing needs as they tackle data processing and analytic bottlenecks with easily accessible hardware and software."

    J. Scott Harrison, Director, Developer and ISV Scale Programs
    Intel Software and Services Group

  • About Pervasive Big Data

    "As more and more organizations adopt Hadoop to take on large scale data challenges, organizations risk wasting resources by scaling out with inefficient server workloads. Products like Pervasive DataRush™ can help increase the efficiency of each node in a Hadoop cluster to maximize throughout and help harness ever-growing data volumes."

    David Menninger, VP and Research Director
    Ventana Research

  • About Pervasive Big Data

    "We've put Pervasive DataRush™ 5.0 to work inside wukong, our open source tool for executing Ruby tasks on Hadoop clusters, which we use to drive Infochimps' production jobs on Amazon's EC2. The result is exactly on-target: improving computational efficiency means we can get the largest jobs done using fewer resources in the cloud, which translates to hard-dollar cost savings."

    Philip Kromer, CTO